Monday, 25 February 2008

Consult, confer, clarify...

Tonight sees the second meeting of a group of likeminded and local individuals, seeking to find out the needs, hopes and aspirations of the people living in South Farnham. Unfortunately I won't make it as I'm away on business, but I hope this post can contribute by spreading the word.

Kenton Sparks of the Farnham Christian Community Trust has convened the group, including youth workers, town and borough councillors, local churches, voluntary groups and residents. The FCCT have already carried out such a 'consultation' elsewhere in the town and "in some ways, the model of the work done by the Farnham Youth Consultative Group and then subsequently in the development of 40 Degreez is an example of how this might develop to a successful and productive conclusion."

If you have any suggestions about what's required, or would like to offer your time to this endeavour, I know it would be much appreciated. Contact Kenton via the FCCT.

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