Friday, 22 February 2008

Members and Tenants

On Wednesday the Members' and Tenants' Special Interest Group came together to review the results of the mock inspection of Landlord Services in the borough. A thoroughly comprehensive report of over 200 slides of presentation (usefully summarised to 60 at our meeting...), demonstrated the value of such an exercise, directing us to both practical and strategic issues we must address before our official inspection in October this year.

Building on our last inspection when Waverley were given a promising one star, we're aiming for two stars this time. That means the continuation of the good work on grounds and maintenance, the further development of the council's approach to anti-social behaviour, and a renewed equality and diversity policy across all the services.

Oh, and I should say that if any tenant of Waverley wishes to be involved, then the Tenants' Panel would be delighted to hear from you. Pat Wright is the chair, and details can be found at

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