Tuesday, 26 February 2008

South, West, North.... no, East... again

It's time for the latest planning application for East Street to be published. Prior to becoming a councillor I wondered why on earth we weren't bombarded by quotes, statements and the anecdotal from our elected representatives about the scheme, and thus get to know their real opinions. I now know that the line between landlord and planning authority is a thin one to tread, and whilst it's allowable that these roles are filled by the same body, it's one that needs care and cautiousness.

I write this not being a particulary outspoken person about this development, or a member of any planning committee. Thus, I have some latitude when it comes to commenting about applications, as I play no part in the decision-making process.

However, this post isn't about to turn into a diatribe on either side of the argument. It is though, an appeal - I would like to hear from everyone in the ward who has an opinion about the scheme. And not just those against - it's typical to hear the loudest voice, and that can often be the one against a thing. I want to hear voices of those in favour, as well as against, and I promise to listen hard to all.

This doesn't negate the need for objections to be submitted to the council's planning department - this is the only way for objections to be formally registered. The public consultation phase of the application begins today, for 28 days.

And please ensure that you are directly familiar with the actual application before signing petitions or responding to "surveys" or sending in circular letters. Planning objections are treated in a prescriptive (legislatively and regulatively driven) way, meaning that petitions are treated as on objection only.

The application is large and complex, and so it will be available physically and electronically on a dedicated computer, at the Farnham Locality Office, or at the Godalming Office.

Click here for direct access to the Waverley Planning page with this information.

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