Sunday, 7 September 2008

Me and Barak

Barak's HouseIt would have been nice if he'd been at home in Chicago, and as we walked up he happened to come out and ask if we wanted afternoon tea - but no, no such luck. Simply a few police cars, secret service agents, and concrete road blocks.

A colleague and I were on our way to a museum exhibit of a German U-Boat (U505) at the science museum, and decided to stop off and see if Barak was at home. He wasn't.

That's about it really. Thought that it might be interesting to have a look, and I was actually surprised that we were allowed up close. Had to go through a metal detector first, but after that we just wandered along the sidewalk.

The conventions are now over, and the final campaigning has begun. Ideologically I would align myself more closely with McCain / Palin, but I can't deny the appeal of Obama / Biden, mostly because of the undeniable charisma and leadership qualities of Barak. If I were a US voter, I would have some challenging decisions ahead.

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