Sunday, 21 December 2008

Carol Ian Singing

I'm what you might call ambivalent about Christmas.

Now I know that that may cause a little bit of shock - a stir perhaps. But I've been one for all the tinsel and baubles, or the shopping madness etc. However, I do entirely believe in having reason to collectively celebrate the birth of Christ, and doing so by way of a Carol Service is simply delightful. Good fun, and, if the carols are chosen wisely (and let's face it, some of them are downright awful), very awe-inspring and humbling.

So, I was at our service at Millmead (Guildford Baptist Church), when our pastor Ian Stackhouse stepped up, and as part of the small choir singing some of the carols to us, took up a solo - and how good it was. What a delight to hear his voice, and to recognise him not just as our preacher, but as a whole person, with other gifts and talents with which to praise God.


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