Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Planning Applications 3rd December 2008

(Click here if you want to go the Waverley planning search page, and select 'Ward' from the left hand list of options)

Well, this has happened for a few weeks, but there are no new applications to post today.

So, perhaps I'll wax lyrical on a couple of planning issues that have been bumbling about my brain this week.

(1) Wrecclesham Road - no sign yet of any development for the 60ish houses given permission for site on the west of the road near Coxbridge roundabout. I'm guessing it's a simple and direct effect of the recession.

(2) I find myself telling people about the new permitted development rules quite a lot. It does seem quite excellent timing - so few people are moving, that extending one's home is a more attractive option, and being able to do a lot more without an onerous planning application is welcome.

(3) A concerned resident emailed councillors with a tale of confused infrastructure planning contributions advice, concerning planning permission given before the latest guidance came into effect, but not implemented as yet, and therefore questions about whether the new guidance would apply should some changes to the permission be sought. Not sure my planning knowledge stretches far enough to be able to fully comprehend it all! But I was delighted to see the resident receive a swift, grateful email confirming that he's raised a significant point, and we'll be looking into it straightaway.

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