Monday, 22 December 2008

Fixed / Variable?

Not your mortgage deal, but a little debate raging on email with regard to this first Christmas since fixed day collections were organised for waste and recycling.

From what I glean of activities at the Waverley offices, we're experiencing a lots of calls from residents who hadn't noticed that their collection would be brough forward prior to Christmas. It's natural that this would catch a few people by surprise, but I don't think we (the council) anticipated the volume.

It would be easy to say "Okay, hold it lads. Let's back it up, and do what we always did." But change is never smooth, and a few hiccups this year might translate into smooth running next. What's I'm confident of is that the activity of the team at the Waverley offices, and Veolia on the road, is focussed on fixing the problem, and playing catch-up prior to Christmas Day. As much as possible is being done.

If you need a reminder of the details of our fixed day collection schedule, click here.

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