Thursday, 4 December 2008

FVF and S&C CM 2008

I'm back from a Farnham Visitors Forum meeting. It was the first one I'd attended, and it was very stimulating. Many businesses and local organisations working together to improve the opportunities for visitors to Farnham, and thus benefit the local economy, and ultimately local jobs and families.

I guess I was there more on behalf of Smith & Causey, rather than as a borough councillor, but it did fit both roles in many ways. I'm not that experienced as a councillor, but we do get opportunities to learn about many organisations, and therefore can often suggest business or other networking connections that can help those to whom we speak.

I'm now back at my Farnham Pottery desk - we have our Christmas Market here tomorrow and there's lots to do - bit of a plug I know, but can't help it :-)

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