Saturday, 13 December 2008

Prohibition of Traffic

No, not the latest (temporary) amendment to the US Constitution, but a notice I received today about the work at the crossroads at the top of School Hill and Sandrock Hill Road. It's a Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order for roughly the first six months of 2009, although it's likely to actual occur from 5th January for 8 weeks. You can see information on the proposed scheme by clicking here. And you can see it on my ward map here.

This answers a couple of questions I've received recently about the various works on the stretch from Ridgeway Road, along Shortheath Road, and onto Echo Barn Lane, which has ended up with the road surface looking like a patchwork quilt. The junction upgrade has been waiting until the gas works were completed, and with this now done, it can begin.

It's easy to agree that the entire length of the ridge should be resurfaced, but money is tight and so it's unlikely to get done any time soon. Sorry about that. David Munro, our County Councillor, managed to get three roads in the area prioritised - Weydone Lane (done), the A287 through the Bourne (just started), and Gardener's Hill Road (next year's programme), and that's some achievement in itself.

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