Saturday, 18 October 2008

[Is] Charles Moore [is] always right

How is it possible? Every article by Charles Moore that I read, inevitably means fnd at least one paragraph where I end up nodding vigorously, and sometimes even saying ‘Yes! Yes!” out loud.

(You'll probably point out that he's a Tory, I'm a Tory, so what's the surprise? Well, maybe, but actually I don't subscribe to Tory policy simply because it's Tory)

Today his leader in the Telegraph speak of respectability, and our need to recover this in our society, so that we begin to remodel what it is to have respect for others, and, to rebuild the norms of respectability that may even have a serious and long lasting good effect on our nation. I'm not convinced he's entirely captured the nuances required in order to avoid conformity for conformity's safe, but I am so glad that he's voicing conern.

You’ll have to read the article (click here) to get a proper sense of what Charles wrote, but hopefully the above synopsis will encourage you to do so.

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