Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Anything that begins with IT is probably a turn-off for most people, but this afternoon I did have a very enjoyable conversation with Linda Frame, the new IT manager at Waverley.

Last year's audit report including recommendations that the council implement ITIL. It's a an approach to delivering IT services, developed by the Office of Government Commerce, and now adopted by pretty much every leading organisation in the world. I work with it permanently in my day job, so Linda and I had a good time discussing how it's going to be implemented over the next few months.

As much as anything it's a big culture change, as it applies good but firm rules to how things are changed and managed in the world of IT. Ultimately, it will prevent costly mistakes, identify systemic problems, track the utilisation of what are expensive assets, and (from the Audit Commission's point of view), introduce an level of control over access to these computing resources on which are held the council's finances.

Well, I've probably bored a few of you, educated another few, and maybe even intrigued a couple. Like most things at the council though, it's the things that live most of their time behind the scenes, that deliver the foundation of the good services we aim to deliver.

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