Sunday, 26 October 2008


Earlier this afternoon, Rach, Caleb and I visited the launch of Shadowcatch, a six day event at the West Street Potters' premises at the Farnham Pottery. Julia Quigley, the driving force behind the event, has procurred funding from the lottery, and collaboration with the University of the Creative Arts (our country's newest university!), in order to boost the potential of educational activity at the pottery.

It was lovely to be part of an event such as this at the pottery: it continues to be exciting to see more and more community developed there. Obviously, we have an interest in it as our business is there, but, a key reason for us starting our coffee shop was because we wanted to provide Wrecclesham with a place to meet, and talk, and make friends, and feel at home. Anything that continues to help that aspiration is welcome.

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