Saturday, 25 October 2008

Quiz Night

Just back from one of the highlights of the South West Farnham Branch of the South West Surrey Conservative Association's annual events calendar - the Curry Supper, at the Rowledge Village Hall.

We snuck in a bottle of our own wine (along with apple juice for Rach), bought two strips of raffle tickets and won nothing (although I did have a beady eye on a silver gilded photo frame, honest), but, did manage to come a respectable third in the quiz.

Embarrassingly though, our table didn't so well on the 5 'Local' questions. So, for your excitement and testing of your local knowledge, here are the questions, with answers posted next Saturday:

(1) What relation was the Bishop of Winchester (Henri de Blois) to King Stephen?
(2) Who wore the sleeping cap that can be seen in the Museum of Farnham?
(3) What is the date of St. Peter's Day?
(4) What sport is represented on the Wrecclesham sign at the top of Riverdale?
(5) What was made on the site which is now occupied by the trading estate on Wrecclesham Road?

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