Monday, 20 October 2008

The Frozen Chosen

Last night’s sermon at church was something of a cross between every day theology and stand up comedy. Jeff Lucas – a popular speaker who is well known by many for his over two decades of conference speaking and Premier Radio shows – was teaching on how we can retain (regain?) the humanity of holiness: to demonstrate commitment to God (being set apart for him in the literal sense of holiness), without losing our sense of humour.

The title of this post was his own phrase to reference what can some times feel like the prevailing attitude of the congregation – that whilst we feel joy deep (very, very deep) down, we should remain serious and sombre when talking theology, or preaching or listening to a sermon.

Well, I certainly guffawed loudly and often last night (not least to the story of the rubbish bins in the ladies toilet – yes, you had to be there), and still heard serious challenges to my attitude towards others who may not conform to the mental and emotional picture I have of everyday holiness.

Sat on the train now, between other commuters, I’m asking myself – what will I do or think today that will be a small step away from pride in my own ‘holiness’, and, a step towards helping someone else's.

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