Thursday, 19 February 2009

Final (hopefully) update on refuse collection catch-up

All things being equal, this will hopefully be the final blog post from me about the refuse collection catch-up after our week of snow and ice. John Sandy, portfolio holder for this area, has been steadfast in his communications to councillors, and assurance of clear messages on the Waverley website. Here's his latest email:

The normal day collections have been proceeding as planned.However at the end of each day afew roads have not been completed due to the excessive volumes, in spite of the extra vehicle, but in every case the missed roads have been picked uo first thing the following day. If there are any unfinished roads by close of play on Friday, they will b e collected on Saturday. We anticipate normal collection arrangement to be in place onMonday 23feb.

The telephone calls to the team peaked during the period 2nd to 13th feb but have now returned to normal

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