Tuesday, 10 February 2009

From the ridiculous to the sublime

I'm fuming. Really fuming. There's no excuse for the kind of inconsiderate, rude, and downright unacceptable behaviour that my wife experienced on public transport today.

Electing to use the bus that runs to Farnham - primarily because our car was in for its MOT, but secondly, choosing it in lieu of borrowing her brother's car as my mother had said how good the service was - Rach duly waited until 45 minutes after it was due, and as you can imagine (in the cold, the wet, and having to entertain a toddler for 45 mins), was delighted to see it arrive.

What was not delightful was the following 5 minutes during which:
* she struggled to get the pram up the steps;
* no-one offered to help or watch Caleb;
* eventually a gentleman assisted with the pram;
* once the pram was in, the driver pointed out that (due to another - uncollapsed - pram taking up most of the room available, our pram had to be moved again so it wasn't in the way;
* and then, when the driver suggested that a couple of ladies make way for my pregnant wife of 37 weeks, they said no, as they were in (and I quote) "their" seats; therefore
* my wife stood all the way into town.


However, contrast this with the way back to Wrecclesham:
* the bus arrived on time;
* she was given help into the bus;
* when exiting the bus, the driver held Caleb on his lap (and I can't tell how much Caleb loved that being a bus driver!) whilst Rach took the pram out and made it ready.

In summary:

(1) Isn't it incredible how inexcusable some people's behaviour can be, when in actual fact it takes very very little to behave in a polite and kind manner?
(2) In fact, the worst of the experiences had more to do with members of the public's attitude that the public transport system itself.

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Petter said...

This happened to my wife also. We live in Norway. She is in week 37, and took the bus to town with our 1 year old daughter.
People was like zombies, looked at my wife like she was some kind of alien....