Monday, 26 January 2009

Am I really in Aisa?

Because this morning I seriously doubted it:

(a) I turned on the TV, and the first three news stories were: Barak Obama and his first presidential activites; the weekend's demonsration re Gaza in London; job losses in the US and UK.

(b) The shuttle to our offices here in Baku was playing: Spandau Ballet; Enrique Iglesias; and some other modern tune that I recognise but can't for the life of me think who it was.

c) Shops that caught my attention as we drove by: Mont Blanc; Mothercare; Macdonalds.

No-one could seriously accuse Baku of being a clone town, but I was really struck today by the ease with which cultural uniqueness can so quickly begin to be clouded by bland branding, with no local connections.

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