Friday, 9 January 2009


I found out this evening that I'll miss the next Neighbourhood Panel at Weavers Gardens, as I'll be at the Community Overview & Scrutiny instead. It's a special pity, as I'd love to raise the issues of litter and grafitti, particularl blights on our village at the moment. However, my wife will be there, and probably will do it more eloquently and passionate that I.

One thing I'm interested in though - would any reader like to explore setting up a Neighbourhood Watch group? With the best will in the world, it will be nigh on impossible for our local bobbies to organise evening meetings for each small neighbourhood, to which Waverley representatives attend to discuss important issues about the community.

Neighbourhood Watch can provide this framework, led by residents themselves. If you're interested, do get in touch with me, or go direct to Farnham Police Station.

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