Monday, 5 January 2009

One week turned into two...

... as I realised how much I needed a rest with my family, and so my apologies to one and all that it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. It's been a lovely time with family in Herefordshire, and a deligth to watch Caleb (our 19 month old) make fast friends with Polly - the 14 year old Labrador -, and Barney - the 6 month old 'Springador' (as I believe they're called).

Returning home seemed so much sweeter after time away. However, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the amount of litter in the streets here in Wrecclesham. I suppose we were spoilt over the holidays, being a few miles from the nearest shop, but I really can't believe that just because we live close to a popular newsagents, we should suffer so much horrible rubbish - mostly sweet wrappers - quite literally covering the pavements.

Some months ago I experimented by announcing on this blog that I would be litter picking along Gardener's Hill Road. Well, it didn't turn out to the be roaring success I hoped, but that's probably more to do with the fact that my blog had 3 readers, one of whom was my mother-in-law in Herefordshire!

This time, I'm going to do it properly. Not sure how, but I'm going to try to organise a series of litter picking activities in the village, and tidy the place up a bit.

{And writing this has reminded me that I need to take a photo of the graffiti that has yet again appeared on the wall at the bottom of School Hill.}

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