Saturday, 30 August 2008

Litter, litter, everywhere

Looking SouthLooking NorthThursday, 4th September, 6 pm

After my visit to More House School yesterday, I walked back to Wrecclesham along Gardener's Hill Road. It's a lovely walk, and feels a million miles away from the busyness of nearby Farnham and the A31.

However, I became more and more aghast at the state of the litter along both sides of the road. I don't know how many times I've driven along it without noticing, but there a million (obviously I exaggerate, but only slightly) plastic bottles, newspapers, sweet wrappers, shopping bags, drinks cans and other throwaway society items, scattered continuously in the ditches and below the hedges.

So, I thought I'd book some time in my diary to go down there and do some litter picking. I suppose it's arguable that 'someone else' should do it, or that we pay enough taxes. But, I know that those arguments don't really end up with quick action, and in the meantime the situation will simply get worse.

The Big Tidy UpTherefore, I'm hoping some readers might join me at 6 pm this Thursday (4th September) at the junction of Boundstone Road, Burnt Hill Way, and Gardener's Hill Road. I'll bring lots of black bin bags, and if you could bring your own gloves, we should be set. Depending on how many of us are, we may manage the whole stretch. But even if not, we'll have done a good thing.

See you there!

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Finn Jackson said...

Too true!!!

See also this (related?) post on "The utter ***** rudeness of everyday life"