Thursday, 7 August 2008

Our Great Post Mistress

Anne's great. She knows her customers, serves them kindly, and gives great advice. And, she's campaigning against the government's insidious actions that are driving the Post Office to a point of no return.

This week Anne (Wrecclesham PO Branch Manager) has posted to our MP Jeremy Hunt, over 100 objections highlighting the very real threat that pensioners and benefit recipients will lose their right to collect their money at the local post office. I quote:

POCA2"People have a right to choose to continue to claim their pensions and benefits at the Post Office.

Just this week I have heard from pensioners who normally receive their benefits by Girocheque, that they have had letters asking them for bank details even if it is an account for another member of the family! One old lady was in tears saying that she did not want to do this as she still wants to collect her money at the post office.

Another customer didn't receive his Giro as normal last week or this week as his money had been paid into his Building Society account without notification or his permission. This gentleman is deaf and dumb and extremely distressed that he cannot get his money at the post office."

It's time for our government to stop claiming they support local communities on the one hand, whilst on the other they destroy the threads of the fabric of those communities. And it's wonderful ladies like Anne, and MPs like Jeremy who need our support to represent us.

If you want to join the campaign, visit the website of the National Federation of SubPostmasters.

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