Tuesday, 26 August 2008

In Her Shoes

We watched a 'chick-flick' tonight. It wasn't my choice - that was made by my fourth-cousin-by-marriage who is staying with us for the week. Instead, I attempted to read the biography of Ian Fleming that I'm dipping in and out of.

However, whilst it's a 'chick-flick', it's also quite poignant, and my philosophical and ideological radar began to work overtime when I realised that the film was less about two annoying sisters - one of whom (Cameron Diaz) enjoyed borrowing and breaking the other's (Toni Collette) Jimmy Choos - and more about forgiveness in all its guises.

And, it doesn't suffer exactly (although it does to some degree) the same weaknesses of other girlie / feel-good movies. It all ends happily in a sense, but in reality most of the characters haven't been reformed, and they aren't now a perfect family. The stepmother still hates/dislikes the daughter; the wayward sister is still happy-go-lucky.

But, forgiveness is shown for what it really is - primarily about, and beneficial for, the forgiver, before the forgiven. In the first place a healing process for the one forgiving, then potentially the one forgiven.

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