Saturday, 23 August 2008

Olympic? No, black gold.

Black GoldOn the night when the Olympics finished with the customary 4x400m relay, Rach and I are watching a film about a much more unfair relay in which only the final few runners make any money, and the starter gets virtually nothing.

In summary, the Ethiopan farmers - who work in co-operatives, in villages, all dependent on the coffee trade for their lives - receive 200 times less that the retailer grinding and selling their coffee for an americano, a latter, or a capaccino.

Since opening our coffee shop we've strived to everything possible to buy responsibly and relationally, and we believe that buying our coffee through Union Hand Roasted does that. But, watching the movie, we're struck by the drop in the ocean that Union respresents. However, bit by bit, small purchasers in the coffee markets, and small retail purchasers, can make a real difference.

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