Friday, 1 August 2008

Farnham Herald in the Chicago BA lounge?

If they did stock the Farnham Herald in the BA lounge at Chicago O'Hare (doing my bit for BA in the midst of their 88% drop in profit), I'd have spotted what I've just spotted now - David Wylde's letter in this week's Herald, kindly referencing my blog, and responding to the 6 questions on East Street that I posed a few days ago.

He's really captured the essence of what I'm trying to do with the blog. He rightly points out that all councillors are constrained by a code that persuades against open debate in public. Not that I'm saying the code is a bad concept, not at all, but that the way in which it works out - councillors not being able to speak their minds about major issues, mostly planning, in the borough - really doesn't smack of local and representational democracy. And so, my blog is an attempt to be as open as I can about what I think and say and do, and encourage debate.

BA TailsPersonally, I'm not on the planning committees of Waverley, and so I can be much more free about what I think. My questions are not my only or final say on East Street, and I will post more about it soon.

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