Friday, 15 August 2008

Speechless? Not quite

This is how I felt when I read a lengthy email thread that I thought said that Surrey Local Committee would not be discussing the Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) at their next meeting on 12th September.

However, I misread the email thread contents, and, it turns out that the AQAP is indeed on the agenda, just probably not with a focus of Farnham, or with associated transport matters which bring the AQAP into specific relief.

Councillor Alan Lovell, who proposed an amendment at the last full council meeting, to ask for an urgent meeting between WBC and SCC on the AQAP and Farnham (yes, I'm trying to use as many TLAs and ETLAs as possible), alerted me to the presence of this issue on the agenda of the meeting on the 12th September, as well as then ringing me up to point out I'd arrived at the wrong end of the stick about it initially.

I'm extremely grateful to him for keeping me up-to-date, and accurate!

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