Monday, 18 August 2008

Face recognition, and other stories

A few random thoughts today

1. I sometimes find it hard to put names to faces, especially when out of context. I bumped into a lovely lady in the Wrecclesham Post Office today, who I know I've spoken with at a village meeting (I think), but in the PO, I really couldn't place her name. It happened to me the other day on the train - a regular customer at our coffee ship, and blow me if I could work why I knew her, and why she was smiling nicely at me in familiar ways.

2. I'm still envious of Jeremy. Watching the pursuit cycling team win gold today was the reason.

3. The pile of reading material on my bedside table has increased by one. I received a booklet about Audit Committees, as I joined that committee this year, and the next meet is in a month or so. I'll take it on a flight with me somewhere I think.

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