Saturday, 2 August 2008

My Expenses

Coming SoonWith such a miserable August morning, we're quite slow in the coffee shop today, so I've popped to my computer to try and get my work expenses done.

And, it's reminded me to mention a new section in the right hand menu bar that I'll be populating in the next week or so, and then updating regularly. It's going to show my expenses for borough council work. In the light of much attention given to MPs' expenses, I think it would simply be appropriate for me to be open about what I claim with regards to what I do as a councillor.

There are various rules of course about what is a valid claim, and I confess to having to check them every time, as I'm never certain. Mileage comes into it of course, but did you know that councillors can claim for child care? Very sensible I think, although I haven't had to claim that myself yet.

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