Monday, 11 August 2008

Aspiration. Inspiration.

FTAI'm going to join the Farnham Theatre Association.

I've been pondering this on and off over the weekend, as on Friday, I was inspired by Anne Cooper and Abigail McKern. Listening to their passion for theatre, the positive impact on a town and its culture, and the potential for youth involvement, I couldn't deny what a good aspiration it was to have a professional, commercial, and successful theatre in Farnham.

Whilst I wouldn't call myself a regular theatre-goer, I have seen quite a lot of shows in London over the years, been to the Maltings a few times, and I used to perform in a light operatic society some time ago (as well as attending tap, modern and jazz classes, but don't tell anyone).

But, it's not that I'm a buff: much more that I was captured by Anne and Abigail's passion and aspiration. And, my support is independent of whether the Redgrave is retained.

I simply like the idea of an active theatre in the town, and all that it could bring.

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