Friday, 29 August 2008

More for More House

More House SchoolIf any of you keenly scan the planning applications I post every Wednesday, you'll have seen one for new therapy rooms at More House School.

Since becoming a councillor some 15 months ago, I've been aware that the school is in the ward, but I've not visited it or crossed paths with any of the staff. So, when I saw the application, I took the opportunity to visit the school, and speak to the Headteacher, Barry Huggett, which I did this morning.

What a great place. The provision for the 340 pupils is fantastic - every kind of learning opportunity one could imagine - ceramcis, music, drama, sport, woodwork, design, photography - so much that is hands-on and vocational, as much as traditionally academic.

As the school prospective outlines, More House "has particular success with boys who have specific learning difficulties/dyslexia, or some associated language-based problem." And hence the application for extended space for therapy rooms, where pupils can receive the attention they need, in the right facilities.

I'm so glad I visited today. You can learn much more at their website, and see the planning application online, or summarised in my Wednesday post this week.

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