Thursday, 17 July 2008

Question Time

1. How should a landowner of a large town-centre site, respond in a business-like manner to the prevailing economic climate, especially the specific signs of depression in the building industry? How might this affect their determination of appropriate building contractor and best timing?

2. Should the recent indication that F&C intend to submit a planning application for the same land, persuade Waverley Borough Council that, (acting as neither landowner, nor planning authority, but simply community representatives), they should reconsider what is the right outcome for the town of Farnham and surrounding areas, and welcome this new application?

3. Will the present gas works in Farnham, enable a sensible, a realistic (if not strictly scientific) assessment of the likely impact on town traffic of the East St. scheme?

4. The F&C sketch seems to includes a cinema potentially doubling as a theatre - does this offer a politically acceptable and popular way of meeting theatregoers' needs, as well as the youth that we assume want and will use the cinema?

5. Could F&C be persuaded to include in their application the North side of East Street, thus pleasing everyone who hopes to be rid of this eyesore?

6. Is the scheme viable?

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