Friday, 25 July 2008

Frustrated from Wrecclesham

At least, that's the way I feel like signing my emails today. I've been striving to represent a number of residents of a small new development in the village, who feel very much ignored / frustrated / badly treated by the property management company chosen by the builders to manage the estate. It's resulted (after 18 months of well documented meetings and letters) with a debt collection company threatening the residents, some of them elderly, with County Court Judgments.

Now, I dare say as with all situations, there are reasonable explanations of mistakes in communication, but there's no excuse for such a hardline attitude, particularly after the building company had committed not to do so.

However, my frustration is compounded by the sheer inability for the property management company to find anyone of any authority to speak to me, from 10.35 this morning when I first made my call, until now, almost 6 hours and 7 phone calls later. In my view, this tells me that the issue isn't important to them, and there lies my ultimate frustration: that we give planning permission for a development of homes, only to result in a new part of our community upset and angry and not enjoying living in our village.


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