Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pigeons vs Trees

When I stood for election to Waverley Borough Council, I had a few things in mind - I'd be able to influence policy (yes); I could intervene on behalf of residents on housing issues (yes); and more.

But I never thought that I'd be engaging in a conversation about pigeon excrement and tree protection orders! However, life has its twists and turns, and here I am learning (in the words of our own council website) that

The only effective way to control pigeons and other pest species of birds is to remove food sources, roosting sites and breeding sites.

Hence my post title today - is it pigeons who win out, or the tree preservation order, when a family's life is miserable, especially in this gorgeous weather, because of the unremitting deposit of dark, staining, smelly pigeon poo on their back patio.

I know, not the most lovely of topics, but in reality, a good example of the kind of seemingly small issue that can make life pretty frustrating for both the family, and the councillor trying to help them out.

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