Friday, 4 July 2008

Have you seen one near you?

Recycle StickerIt's possible that one of these stickers has appeared near you this morning.

As far as I understand it, it's been sometime since the requirements for plastic recycling specifically excluded things like meat trays, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. But if habits take 3 weeks to form, they take at least 3 months to break. And so I'm sure, that even though a leaflet on this topic went to all Waverley residents in the past month or so, there will still be many stickers going out this morning and this coming week.

The bottom line is that we make (or save, depending on which way we look at it) money based on the quality of our recycling materials. So, if low grade plastics form an increasing percentage of the load, then it becomes less likely that the load can be used for recycling. Basically, no-one is going to buy it from us. It's the same with paper (shouldn't include brown envelope for example), but presently less of an issue.

So, whilst it looks draconion, it's probably the easiest way for the council to communicate the rules. In the end, we all wish for our council tax to be kept down, and maintaining quality in our recycling is one way of helping that happen.

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