Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I'm really annoyed with BBC Radio 2

They simply can't report the proper sense of what David Cameron says. Instead of pointing out that his speech in the constituency of Glasgow East yesterday said that 'some' of the poor in our country are poor because of their own choices, they decided to quote him without the sense of 'some', and imply that he said 'the poor', as if it were all of them.

I get so annoyed! Why is it so difficult to report accurately the words of our political leaders? And it works both ways. I'd much rather they report Gordon Brown's words without prejudice, and enable listeners to respond to the actual speech / event / report, rather than something that sounds like the original, but really isn't.

And my point isn't whether David is right or not. My point is that without much more honest reporting, the electorate doesn't stand a chance of distinguishing between the real ideologies of any party.

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