Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Lessons Learned

Masking tapeThis is a phrase I most commonly associate with the project management I do to earn a living, but today I'm quoting it in response to a bit of DIY I did this evening. I say 'a bit' as I don't like DIY, and so blogging about it was much more preferable and will probably take up more time!

You see, I dislike gloss painting so much, that I even put off peeling the masking tape away after having done it. And this time I've left it way too long. Basically, the masking tape is now one with the pane of glass in the french doors. I tried vinegar (red wine vinegar to be exact, as it was the only thing like normal vinegar in the cupboard, and my wife thought it probably out of date anyway). Well, that didn't work.

So I went to my wife's second suggestion (note how my wife is actually much more practical than I) which was white spirit, and it's working remarkably well.

You'll be thinking by now "what on earth has this got to do with local politics?" Nothing actually, but browsing my emails regarding Waverley today there was nothing that jumped up and said "Blog about me!", and so my on-off relationship with DIY made the cut.

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