Monday, 21 July 2008

Part 1, 2, 3

Back from our weekend away with family, I'm sat at my desk thinking about tomorrow night's council meeting. Agendas are split into three parts, some of which are subject to public speaking, some of what are not. And I want to speak on a particular item, I need to alert committee services at Waverley by midday tomorrow.

Sounds simple? Well, when the agenda in front of me is 290 pages long, with an appendix of 153 pages, it's a bit of a challenge to wisely select items on which to speak, if any. One rule I try to follow is that if I know another councillor will be saying the same thing as I intend to, then I don't believe in repeating it just so my own voice is heard.

On the other hand, many voices on one issue can demonstrate depth of feeling and commitment, and therefore communicate powerfully.

Hence, it's not simply to decide. I'm thinking about speaking briefly on a couple of issues that relate to village design statements, as I'd like the other councillors and public to know that we're looking to create these for Rowledge and Wrecclesham. Otherwise I'm not yet sure. The clock is ticking...

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