Friday, 23 January 2009

Your Local MP Broadsheet Columnist

Just spotted - Jeremy Hunt writing in the Telegraph about the BBC and competition in broadcasting in the UK.

Well, we stopped having a TV in our house about 5 years ago, and I can't say we've missed it. The internet is broadly as informative as the television, and certainly, if used wisely, can be a lot more balanced in reporting news, due to the wealth of news sites / reports that can be reviewed compartively.

Bring on pay-as-you-go TV, that's what I think. There are certainly some programmes we would watch, but if paying a licence fee - and the horrible intrusion of advertising and a terribly, horribly, unforgivably liberal media - is the price to pay, then buying individual DVDs is our preferred option.

Also, I'm with Charles Moore on the licence fee and their Stalinesque approach that accusea all without a licence of criminmal behaviour. Their copious letters, written in the style of court summons, with, in my opinion, language that must be surely be illegal, are awful, and for some people I know, terrifying.

Don't pay your licence fee.
Don't let a TV licence fee inspector in your door - they do not have any rights to do so.

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