Saturday, 31 January 2009


Flying back from Baku this morning, it would entirely normal for me to guffaw outloud at some comical film that I was watching (last example was Ghost Town), listening on my headset, and then look around embarassingly to see if anyone had noticed.

What isn't so common, is a gasp of horror and incredulity as I read one of the most ridiculous stories in the Telegraph. Apparently Birmingham City Council is no longer going to use apostrophes in its street names, as they are confusing, and difficult to understand.

As the leader in the Telegraph writes, what "a defeatist position to adopt".

May I therefore ask, that if you, like I, are protectionist towards the beauty and history of the English language, and would like to see it preserved instead of butchered by local government, please go to the Daily Telegraph's website and sign its online petition:

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