Thursday, 20 November 2008


20.15: I’m at the church meeting this evening, and, a bit like the committee meeting at Waverley the other week, I’ve decided to blog live. Well, pseudo-live, as I’m currently offline (I don’t have the WEP key [for those techies out there] of the church wireless network), and so I’m recording it to post later this evening.

Actually, I confess (a good church activity) to arriving 15 minutes late, as the parking in Guildford tonight was atrocious, and I ended up some distance away.

I ended up missing the first few songs, but did arrive in time for the reading of the last meeting minutes - one of my favourite parts of the church meeting (said only with my tongue slightly in my cheek).

20.27: The first item on the agenda this evening is an open discussion on ‘small groups’, the tendency of churches to have groups of people who live near to each other, meeting mid-week to continue bible study and prayer. (At the last church meeting, our pastor started on this topic at 9.30 pm, and it soon became clear that it wasn’t going to get finished that night: hence being first on the agenda tonight).

20.45: A bit of a break there, as I’ve stood up to contribute. I said that our mid-week group, called “Firmer Foundations”, is messy - the conversation goes all over the place, from Rob’s communist tendencies (I said it with love and humour) to Grannie Annie’s ramblings about her grandchildren. From Paul’s update on the latest machinations at Croydon County Council, to Alison worrying about her daughter’s latest long distance travel. My point? That whilst we do feel some identify as a group, we only do so because we care for each other both individually and corporately, and hence, are committed to the small group. And somewhere in the middle we get to discuss the New Testament meaning of the greek word “koinonia” (the anglicised version), from which we get our word (and others ), ‘community’.

Oh, and on a personal note, that I found a different format and style to the Sunday services a really great thing, and really don’t want to attend another service once evening a week.

21.02: A few minutes on, and I’m listening to Lisa, who’s being proposed as the church’s new Children’s and Family Worker. Lisa’s been in the church since 1975 (think she was born then), and is a qualified primary teacher, as well as being wonderfully passionate about the role.

[By the way, I should point out, for the purposes of transparency, that yes, I did choose this meeting over the Wrecclesham Village Society - an example of the decision-making where one things is prioritised over the other, with sometimes the more obvious ward meeting / issue, missing out.]

21.19: Lisa’s answering a question about mixing other work with commitment to the church role. A great explanation, which very much mirrors the Apostle Paul’s tent making (to put food on his table), and debating with the intellectuals and preaching at other times.

21.50: Well, that’s was slightly unusual. We had a vote on two people being elected back into positions (volunteer) in the church, and I offered to count the votes. Felt kind of different being on the other side of the election count.

21.59: No vote as it were on the final business of the evening (retirement and possible future part-time role of one of the pastors). And so we finish just before 10 pm.

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