Tuesday, 11 November 2008


An email from the head of committee services, Robin Pellow, made me sit back and ponder today. The email informed councillors that Alan Lazarus, former mayor of Waverley, "died following a fall last week".

I didn't know Alan, and so it made me realise that there are many people down the years who have given of themselves to their local community, serving their neighbours, and not seeking or receiving fame for their roles and actions. Alan probably did so much more than I'll ever do, and yet my knowledge of him is non-existent.

It's simply making me realise that I need to think less about myself and my reputation (and certainly forget about 'legacy', a horrible concept that prime ministers seem to obsess about), and more about service and selflessness. Not sure I'll ever be great at these things, but aspiring to them seems the right approach.

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