Monday, 3 November 2008

White Gold

I'm in my favourite business location - the old town of Krakow (see yesterday's post). Whilst I do my work, she's going to see the sights, and generally enjoy the delights of one of the orginal entries on the 1978 UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Actually, not one entry, but two, as this morning we visited the Salt Mines about 10 km south of Krakow, in the small town of Wieliczka. Over 700 years of mining (virtually all by hand) has produced some 300 km of tunnels, just one percent of which tourist see on the tour.

But oh, what a beautiful place. At least 3 chapels, one of which is cathedral like in its enormity and beauty, and the air - what wonderfully clean air - so pure and healthy that there's a treatment centre 135m below ground for asthmatics, especially children.

Well, suffice to say, that a visit to Krakow is a must. It's my third time though, and I still have been to Auschwitz, which is just 60 km away. Next time.

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