Monday, 24 November 2008

Putting Parenting to Bed

Rach and I went to a parenting class tonight. It was the second of three that are being held at Farnham Baptist Church. It's not that we already know we're awful parents (although I'm sure I should ask that question of people who know us well rather than proclaim it myself!) - more that we wish to gain from the knowledge and wisdom of others, before we make the obvious mistakes.

The course is written by a couple based in Guildford, and mixes practical advice with biblical wisdom. And the first thing for us to do was - describe our child(ren)! An interesting task, and one that we'd never specifically done before.

And tonight we were focussing on discipline, and the difference between authoritarian, and lovingly authoritative. There were so many great pieces of advice, and strategies for dealing with misbehaviour and disobedience, that my head is now reeling with the content, and I hope I can take some time out to get some of it embedded in order to make good use of it.

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