Sunday, 23 November 2008

I'm sad

And not in the 'I'm upset' sense, but in the 'I'm a geek' kind of sense.

The reason I say this, is because this weekend we travelled to see four different set of friends, and, as I happened to do most of the driving, I was paying particular attention to road signs. And, what did I find myself doing? Comparing the state of 'Welcome to ... Borough' signs - how clean they were, their design, and their general wellbeing! Having gone at literally done this to the 'Welcome' sign on the road into Wrecclesham, I'm now rather envious of those who have clean, untarnished (from passing wagons swiping them perhaps) and generally easy to see signs.

And it's not just signs that I found myself comparing, but also waste and recycling strategies. In fact, when in search of a bin in which to place some used kitchen roll, not only did I ask if I had found the right recepticle, I also enquired as to my friends' satisfation (or otherwise) with their council's collection of food waste (which I had deduced took place due to their food waste bin beside the waste bin beside the plastics and metal bin...

And finally, and most sadly, I started comparing wards. We'd pass a lovely woodland and I'd think "wouldn't it be nice if...", and then pass some arable open farm land and think pretty much the same.

Please don't get me wrong - we had the most wonderful weekend, and spent some quality time with good friends in four different locations. But, I do wonder: am I taking this local poltics thing a little too far?

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