Friday, 28 November 2008

A pair of old clogs

That's my mother-in-law and great-great-great-grandfather - terms of endearment of course :-)

Just a quick post about them as my in-laws are staying the weekend, and my mother-in-law (about whom I seem to blog regularly), has brought with her an interesting print-out of the history of clogs. And that is because the last time that she was here, I found out that my great-great-great-grandfather was a clogger.

That's about it really. A bit of education in which I learned that

(a) clogs are not uniquely Dutch;
(b) in Lancashiare (and my family are from St. Helens and Wigan) cottom mill workers habitually wore clogs because of the wet floors; and
(c) the French name for a wooden shoe or clog is sabot... from which the word sabotage is derived, reportedly describing how disgruntled workers damaged workplace machines by tossing their shoes into the mechanisms.

Just wanted to share.

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