Sunday, 4 May 2008

Backbenchers, Revolt! Or Win Nothing (aka The Man Called B.R.O.W.N.)

Mr Brown and Mr MarrSimply put, when speaking with Andrew Marr this morning, our Prime Minister's regret at the Labour Party's poor showing in the elections last week was refreshing. However, my surprise and happiness was shortlived, as Mr. Brown continued on to say that he would 'fix the economy'.

FIX THE ECONOMY!! Isn't that what he was supposed to be doing for the past 10 years? In fact, shouldn't he really sack himself for messing it up so spectacularly by creating the conditions within which banks would lend with little restraint, thus building the gigantic (stupendous, horrendous, ridiculous) unsecured debt mountain which now threatens to crumble?

And then to presume that he knew what we (the people) wanted, and what messages we were sending... Didn't he know this beforehand? Why didn't he do anything about it then? Or was it the jaw-dropping, bottom-dropping-out, collapse of the Labour vote, that has made him think that he should do something? Or maybe I'm being cynical.

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