Monday, 19 May 2008

Lythe Hill Hotel

Auberge de FranceI'm still not (see previous review) intending a regular feature of restaurant reviews, but my wife and I did just have the most wonderful break in a beautiful part of our borough, and I feel it deserves a mention.

The Lythe Hill Hotel sits just south of Haslemere, and once ensconsed there, we could have been a million miles from the busyness of SE England. Picturesque and peaceful grounds, a great spa, and especially good, the Auberge de France.

The hardwood smoked chicken breast with kiwi sauce for starter was subtle, sweet and succulent, and the salmon with cod and chorizo sauce a surprise and sensational combination. (Can you see that I've used the S section of my thesaurus?)

So essentially this is a hearty recommendation, and if you go for the special Sunday night package, you get one night in a lovely room, dinner, the spa, and breakfast all in the price. A wonderful way to finish the weekend, and start the week.

Click here for the Lythe Hill Hotel website

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