Saturday, 5 April 2008

Inn on the Hill

I'm not (yet) intending on making this a regular feature, but thought that as it's a Saturday, and for most a day off, I'd also make it a day off from anything connected with politics.

Hence, a restaurant review. We picked up a friend from Hindhead, a colleague from a hotel in Haslemere, and then headed to the Inn on the Hill. It wasn't on a recommendation, more an attraction to the branding (which shows that it sometimes works), and we weren't disappointed.

Simply but elegant surroundings, and friendly (and family-friendly) staff, combined to make us feel at home straightaway, and even though they needed the table for a second-sitting, we didn't feel rushed at all.

The South-African sausage starter was wonderful (evidenced by the speed at which our 10 month-old son gobbled it down), and apparently the wild-mushrooms on Brioche pretty good too.

The only down-side was the sirloin steak which took well-done to a new level of crispy. Otherwise the double-burgers were too huge to finish (and to give the waiter his due, he did warn us - us being me and my ex-Professional-American-Footballer colleague, thinking that nothing could defeat us having seen a 64oz steak in Chicago last year), and gorgeous, and the duck in a ginger sauce uncommon and delicious.

Well, I've probably proved that (a) my food vocabulary could be widened, and that (b) meat is high on my list of things to eat. Otherwise I've hopefully shown that Inn on the Hill will see us again sometime, but just don't ask for your meat well-done - take it down a notch.

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