Friday, 18 April 2008

Red, White, Blue... and Brown

Theos LogoOne of the lesser known think tanks (if any of them could be said to be well-known!), but certainly one of the most thoughtful, well-written, and balanced, is Theos, a 'Public Theology Think Tank'. Having already published two excellently written reports on faith in the public square, and bishops in the House of Lords, this latest one has gripped me.

Considering the nature of nationalism vs. neighbourliness, Paul Woolley and Nick Spencer scrutinise the thinking of Gordon Brown over the past 20 years, and ask whether relying on the tenets of nationalism, in the less contentious wrapping of patriotism, is really the best way to move from reliance on the state, to society (my summary).

Their reports are all clearly and coherently written, and massively informative. Please visit their site, and be involved with the kind of public discourse that really does matter.
Red, White, Blue... and BrownRed, White, Blue... and BrownRed, White, Blue... and Brown

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