Monday, 14 April 2008

Keep Guildford and Waverley Clean 2008

This weekend my wife bumped into Mick who cleans the streets near our house twice a week. Even though it's not strictly in his patch, he includes the new playground on Beldham Road, because it so quickly get's completely littered, and needs attention.

It reminded me of a letter I received a week ago from Waverley Environmental Services, regarding an extra team of cleaning staff who will tackle nominated areas in the borough. It's a great idea, and you can read more about it, and nominate areas, by going to the Keep Guildford and Waverley Clean 2008 web pages.

Also, the team will undertake a project such as tree planting, in an area important to residents. Please consider nominating an area in Wrecclesham or Rowledge.

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