Saturday, 19 April 2008

You cannot be serious!

But I can - you really cannot believe how much post the average councillor gets. I'm a self-confessed geek, so you might be able to imagine that I'm all for getting everything electronically on my iPhone! It might the prevent the at least 500 sheets of paper I get through my door each month.

Stop The DropHowever, some things are nice printed, and I receive the Local Government Association magazine for councillors 'first' through the door each week. This time, the name of Bill Bryson on the cover caught my eye, and took me to an article about litter. Regular readers (all 3 of you), will note a couple of posts from me before about this, but today I'm extoling the virtues of "Stop The Drop" campaign by the Campaign for Rural England.

Do have a think about setting up a Community Clean-up where you live. Follow links to "Take Action" on the CPRE web pages, and you can see how easy it is.

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